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Analytic-Network Coaching™ (A-Nc) is an avant-garde, ethically driven coaching company, formed to help transform how coaches coach, how leaders lead, and how organizations organize.


We are experts in leadership coaching. We coach leaders to develop new approaches to organizational change, meeting the challenges of leading organizations in an increasingly networked society.


We train experienced coaches taking them to the next advanced level of development. Uniquely, we utilize psychoanalysis and network theory in our training, enabling coaches to work more deeply and to support more strategic leadership coaching to take place.


We develop leaders in organizations ensuring they meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We develop leaders to have ‘networked mindsets’ to think ethically and strategically and to distribute leadership in others, ensuring leadership takes place throughout organizations not just at the top.


We use coaching as a change technology to deliver exciting new OD transformations, culture change and leadership development interventions across the whole organizational system.




CEO and Founder,  Dr Simon Western


skype: simonwestern

+353 85136 2 219


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Coaching Director, Pooja Sachdev

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