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Why Analytic-Network ?

Why Analytic?

Analytic signifies two aspects of our coaching approach

  • Analytic Coaching: We take an analytic, systematic and theoretically robust approach to our coaching practice
  • Psycho-Analysis: Our coaching is influenced by psychoanalytic approaches. Whether we like it or not, the ‘unconscious is at work, at work’.   So we believe that Depth Analysis coaching is needed to uncover the unconscious processes that drive our desires and our defensive behaviours.
  • We work with unconscious, emotional and relational dynamics at individual, team, organizational and social levels.

Why Network?

Network signifies the ‘network society’, which changes how organizations organize, and therefore how leaders lead, which demands a change in how coaches coach.

  • Today’s fast changing networked society disrupts stability. Our coaching experience reveals that many individuals express feeling a little dislocated in these times.  We coach individuals to locate themselves in their networks, in order to feel more grounded, and to map their networks in order to influence change in their own lives and to drive change in their networked workplaces.
  • We are co-creating an international coaching network that will be a platform for emergent thinking and shared learning.  This network of  trained coaches will deliver new leadership and whole-system change processes in large organizations.   Our aim is to promote ethical and networked approaches for coaches and leaders.

Analytic-Network Coaching™ (A-Nc) is an avant-garde, ethically driven coaching company, formed to help transform how coaches coach, how leaders lead, and how organizations organize.


What We Do

We excel in:

  • Leadership Coaching

Using the A-N Coaching System™ we coach individuals to discover their unique leadership approach, and to develop a ‘networked’ mindset to deliver powerful organizational change. 
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  • Advanced Coach Training

This is the most advanced coach training on the market today and we train and certify experienced coaches to use the A-N Coaching System™.  This 3 day accelerated learning process, is developed from the research, theory and experience captured in Coaching and Mentoring a critical text (Sage 2012).
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  • Leadership Development

The A-N Coaching System™ for Leaders offers a bespoke in-house leadership development programme based on our vast coaching experience, our expert knowledge of leadership, and our knowledge of the networked society. 
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  • Coaching as an Organizational Change Technology

Our interventions offer a breakthrough in coaching practice.  We take coaching beyond an individual change activity,  harnessing the power of coaching as a new organizational change technology (Western 2013).  We design coaching interventions that deliver culture change and distributed leadership across the whole organization.
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  • International Coaching Network

We are creating an international coaching network of Registered A-N Coaches. This network has three aims.

  1. Offer global companies a consistent and networked coaching approach
  2. Coaching Activism.  Our ‘coaching activists’ are committed to harness the power of coaching to change how leaders lead, one by one, organization by organization.
  3. Mutual Coaching Development. The network provides a mutual learning platform to ensure we continue to develop and lead the field of coaching. <click here>

An Analytic-Network approach to Coaching

  • Theory: Working from a rigorous theoretical base that engages with latest theory on leadership, coaching, organizational dynamics and the networked society.
  • Experience: We draw on a wealth of international coaching experience working with senior leaders in corporate, public sector and the not-for-profit sectors.
  • Innovation: Our restless innovation is fed by our insatiable curiosity, a love of life, beauty and nature, and our drive for social justice.

This mixture of theory, experience and innovation has enabled us to create the Analytic-Network Coaching System™, which underpins all of our coaching and leadership services.


Founded and led by CEO DR Simon Western, A-N Coaching draws on his international reputation as a leading academic in coaching and leadership. He has led Coaching and Organizational Consulting Masters courses at leading universities.  Simon is widely published and A-N coaching draws from his two acclaimed books: Leadership a critical text, and Coaching and Mentoring a critical text.


His breadth of experience, coaching senior leaders internationally in diverse sectors means that

A-N Coaching is both grounded in the very latest theory, and tried and tested in practice across the globe.


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"Destined to become a classic"

Professor Benjamin W. Redekop


"This is a beautifully written and thought provoking book"

Professor Martin Parker

This is an unusual and path breaking book. Simon Western explores coaching in its many variations and simultaneously critiques the different discourses that comprise it.’

Larry Hirschhorn - Professor of Human and Organization development at Fielding Graduate University, Principle CFAR

‘Finally an in-depth inquiry into coaching and why it is so popular. Coaching and Mentoring contains a profound analysis of the cultural background of coaching.’

Erik de Haan - Director Centre for Coaching, Ashridge University; Professor of organization Development and Coaching, VU University Amsterdam

Emancipatory Ethics

Coaching leaders to act in ‘Good Faith’ to create the ‘Good Society’

Analytic-Network Coaching™ is underpinned by a six ethical values, developed through critical thinking that takes a social and ‘emancipatory’ ethical stance.

  1. To help each individual discover their personal charism, their unique gift to the world.
  2. Humanizing organizations. Striving for more humane organizations, accounting for human experience as well as for financial gain.
  3. Environmental sustainability. To act responsibly towards our natural environment locally and globally.
  4. Speaking truth to power. To counter the psycho-social patterns (often hidden) that reproduce power elites and perpetuate social disadvantage to any individual or group.
  5. Emancipation. Ethics and freedom are symbiotic. Our coaching process aims to help individuals discover their creativity and autonomy, and to identify social patterns that promote conformity and totalizing social structures that entrap us.
  6. Good Faith and the Good Society. To commit ourselves to working from a place of ‘good faith’ to help create the ‘good society’.

We believe this coaching approach helps individuals and organizations achieve success, because of these ethics, not in spite of them.

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