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Basell, Global Plastics Corporation

‘I start by saying that was certainly the best ‘course’ I ever attended. Why? Because it was intense, personal, short! And I saw and learned a lot. … I will remember this exchange which makes it different from all the other courses I

have attended.’



‘Multiply my learning by 100 leaders and the micro changes that take place with

individual’s represent a significant change programme within the company’.


Chief Executive

‘I have written to the NHS Director extolling the virtues of such exchanges suggesting we scrap every other form of management



Other Leadership Development Interventions

All of our leadership development offers reflect on our specific focus on distributing leadership and developing leaders with ‘network-mindsets’.


Each one is tailored to address your organizational challenges.

A-N Leadership Exchange

The A-N Leadership Exchange pair’s two leaders from different parts of your organization to visit, observe and learn at each other’s workplace.  We work with you to undertake this on a large-scale to gain exceptional personal and organizational results.  This is networked leadership in action, and very useful for culture change, mergers and for organizations in transition.


What happens on the Leadership Exchange?

  1. Leaders are carefully selected and matched with other leaders, to ensure best-fit learning for the individual and the organization.
  2. Leaders are trained in groups; how to observe, to reflect and they learn coaching skills to give their exchange partner feedback on their leadership style.
  3. A mutual exchange then takes place, where both parties visit each other, with a structured format to follow.
  4. Individual learning takes place: observing best practice, reflecting on different leadership styles and learning about different regions and departments.
  5. Debrief coaching: individuals are coached by our expert coaches to extract and embed the learning



  • Powerful impact on personal leadership development
  • New connections across company silo’s are made, new networks that align company culture and practices, and spread best practices.
  • Organizational learning is harvested from multiple exchanges, taken from the coaching debriefs.
  • Senior leadership reflects on this organizational learning; we coach you to implement strategies, building on the strengths, overcoming challenges, and delivering on new ideas


This exchange is adapted from our successful Lead2Lead programme drawing on our experience of running the leadership exchange programme on Henry Mintberg’s  International Masters for Practicing Managers,  IMPM.


Who we have worked with



Int. soc of Red Cross and Red Crescent


Royal Bank Canada





Leadership Exchange Corporate Case Study

100 senior managers exchanging to align culture in a 3 way merger click here

The Leadership Game

This action-learning event is for 40-100 people and creates an unforgettable learning experience that delivers superb results.


Uniquely it delivers in three key areas:

  1. Personal leadership learning
  2. Team dynamic and different models of team leadership
  3. Organizational dynamics and culture:  how teams, functions and regions work collaboratively together across organizational boundaries.


Building on 50 years of the Tavistock Group Relations tradition of experiential learning, this event brings this learning methodology into the era of networked organizations. Participants experience the limitations of controlling leadership and begin to learn from experience, what distributed leadership means in practice.


Who we have worked with

Global OD team HSBC Bank

MBA Lancaster University Management School UK

Hertfordshire MBA & Tavistock Institute

IMPM International Masters in Practicing Management


Via Rail Canada, McGill University

Further Education CEOs and Principals UK: Art of Leadership Programme


For 40-100 people. To see brochure click here

Coaching and Leadership Consultation

We offer consultation for senior managers, HR and OD leaders, to support them in designing and implementing effective leadership development and coaching interventions, that delivers whole-system and sustainable change.


We work in partnership with you, to deliver superb results, through a tailored and bespoke interventions, that deliver learning and change together.

New Leadership Book

"Destined to become a classic"

Professor Benjamin W. Redekop


"This is a beautifully written and thought provoking book"

Professor Martin Parker

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